d3® is all about supplying teams and individuals with quality Sports Strapping Tape that provides maximum support, comfort and reliability.

We are dedicated to injury prevention, rehabilitation, user confidence and in simple terms, being prepared to be active in whatever physical activity you are about to embark on.

We’re passionate about tape. We established d3 in 2010 to supply a specialized range of high quality sports strapping tapes at a time when there was certainly less choice on the market than there is today - but athletes and consumers don’t change, they are still looking for reliable, exceptional quality tapes with a compelling value proposition.

We pride ourselves on delivering on that product promise, were the first to take all our tapes to longer lengths, have been industry leaders in enhancing the quality and value attributes, manufacturing in a range of colours, ensured they were readily available. This is what the consumers have asked us for and we are dedicated to listening to them.

Get prepared3, be prepared3

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